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Upcoming Important Info About LCKC – STAY INFORMED!

Rentals are closed for the season, but there are BIG things coming. Check back so you can stay informed about everything happening here at LCKC in Gainesville. Thank you all for your support!


  • Rental Season is OVER, but stay tuned, because we've got some big things around the corner.
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    You might be wondering... What does LCKC do when it's not the summer? We are busy revamping our summer programs to make them even better in 2019! Can't wait to share more information about what's brand new.

Thank you for your continued support. We can't thank this community enough for its generosity toward LCKC and our programs!

Beginner Racing League – Sign Up Special

Beginner Racing League 2018 Sign Up Special

This year, we've decided to make BRL Registration a little more interesting...

If you sign up and get a friend to sign up for BRL, your name will be put in "the hat" to win all $140 of your program fee back!*

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Get your child to sign a friend up for BRL and get entered in to win a FULL refund of your program fee. Click below to learn more and register for BRL.



*Referral of a friend requires validation through LCKC office before your fee is refunded.

Important Upcoming Events This September

A Letter From Coach Jim...

As most of you are aware, September is the Month of the Dragon here at the Club.  Our largest annual fundraising event, the 23rd Annual Hong Kong Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival is 8th Sept with the months of preparation almost completed...and we need everyone to help out, all hands on deck!

Directly following this is the largest paddling event to hit the venue since 2003 Sprint Worlds.  Beginning with the first day of practice 9th Sept, the ICF Dragon Boat World Championships are right here on our home course!

The park, boat ramp and such are all closed for this week as with any world championships security is tight.

Lanier Team USA paddlers include: Aaron Dickson, Alec Wilson, Allen Marsh, Andrew Surles, AnneBlanchard, Caitlin Marsh, Caleb Copper, Cannie Colburn (Ash), Charlie Tilse, Corban Martin, Daniel Liu, Dave Bittenbender, Drew Deppe, Enoy  Chanlyvong,  Ethan Deppe, Ethan Jackson, Ethan Palmer, Jackson Hickerson, Jim O'Dell, Josh Burchardt, Laurie Moore, Lucas Pitts, Maggie Bowmar, Nate Boyd, Olivia Clark, Paige Farley, Sean Allen, Tina Young, Vladimir Samoylenko.

You will find them all in competition beginning 13th Sept through the 16th Sept!

Our Olympic Hopes paddlers will be traveling to one of my favorite cities, Poznan, Poland for that important race.  These Canoe paddlers are Edward Surles, Kevin Rochester and Natalie Brunson.  They will also be racing the very same weekend.

Also on the same weekend - ICF really knows how to plan - are the Pan American qualifiers in Nova Scotia.  Our athletes there include Aaron Mullican, Nik Miller, Owen Farley-Klacik and Stanton Collins.

So many opportunities all in one month!  Proof that the training here at LCKC is truly world-class.

Feeling that paddling itch that needs to be scratched?  Join the fun and hard work here at LCKC.

Paddles UP!!!

- Coach Jim