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33rd ICF Flatwater World Championships
Gainesville, Georgia, USA
September 10-14, 2003
Qualifying Event for the 2004 Olympics
Paddling to the finish
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Lanier Canoe 2003 Registration

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Click here for the registration documents in PDF format.

Notice:  Lettman Company will be filling containers after the Duisburg Regatta which will be shipped to Gainesville.  Please contact Beth Wilson at if you would like further information, or if you would like to be included in this shipment.  

Boats have been shipped and will arrive in Gainesville in late July.

Registration Deadlines and Travel Visa Information

April 1 Preliminary Entry Deadline 20% Deposit required to confirm reservation.  

Registration is not confirmed until the 20% deposit is received.  If the 20% deposit is not received within 1 week of reservation, the housing will be released. 

Reservation deposits can be refunded or applied towards the rest of a housing invoice through July 27, 2003.  Deposits will not be refunded for housing requests cancelled after July 27, 2003. 

July 27, 2003 Numerical Entry Deadline        

40% (60% total) due by July 27   Numerical Entry Deadline. 

Numerical entries from National Federations shall state the number of competitors and must be in the hands of the Organizing Committee at least 45 days before the first day of the championships. The number of substitutes and team staff shall also be given in the entries. 

August 27, 2003 Nominal Entry Deadline        

No refunds for housing requests cancelled after August 27. 

Nominal entries containing the names of the competitors in each individual event must be received by the Organizing Committee not later than 14 days before the first day of the races and in accordance with the rules in paragraph 13. The names of the substitutes for each category must be given (Kayak Men, Kayak Women, and Canoe Men). The number of the substitutes is unlimited in accordance with the rules in article 13.

Travel Visas
Please contact the United States Consular office in your country as soon as possible to determine the procedure for obtaining travel visas. The current world situation has changed these processes and you should contact them immediately with your travel concerns. The United States State Department has alerted all of the consular offices in the countries that are member nations of the ICF to this upcoming event.

Please note that neither the Organizing Committee nor the United States Department of State in Washington, D.C. can provide assistance with respect to visa denials for applicants wishing to attend the World Championships in September. If a visa is refused, the visa applicant must deal directly with the United States consular office that adjudicated the visa application. We recommend that all participants who require United States visas consult the Department of State's visa Web Site at Visa applicants should consult the "Visa Reciprocity Tables" and the "Frequently Asked Questions" sections for information about application fees, other charges, visa validity and other important items pertaining to travel to the United States. The site also provides the DS-156 nonimmigrant visa application form AND direct links to most United States consular offices around the world.   This link goes to the United States Department of State - International Athletics liaison


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