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LCKC Programs



The Lanier Canoe and Kayak club competitive training programs create opportunities for youth in Flatwater Canoeing and Kayaking as well as developing discipline, focus, goal setting and other invaluable life skills. Through these competitive programs LCKC strives to:
• Provide area youth with a unique sport.
• Provide an opportunity for each athlete to reach their maximum potential.
• Develop athletes for local, regional, national and international competitions.
• Develop a sense of “team” among the athletes.
• Whether competing in a single, double or four all athletes competes with pride wearing the LCKC colors.



Developmental 1 is a program for athletes between the ages of 10 and 13 who have completed at least one season of the BBI Junior Olympic Program within the past year and are selected by the Developmental Coach. This team practices twice a week during the school-year and three times per week during the summer. This program is a great choice for athletes who are interested in paddling after the BBI season is over but are either too young or just not yet ready for the full-time commitment of the Developmental 2 program. During practices, the athletes on this team will be encouraged to try more challenging boats, improve paddling technique, develop a higher level of general fitness, and have fun on the water. Generally, after about 4 months in this program, athletes will be encouraged to advance to the Developmental 2 program in order to continue their improvement. All equipment is provided by the LCKC.



The Developmental 2 Program is open to athletes between the ages of 10 and 15 who have completed at least one season of the BBI Junior Olympic Program within the past year and athletes who are already on the Developmental 1 team. This team practices 4 times per week during the school year and 5-6 times per week during the summer. These athletes are more serious about their commitment to train and compete in the sport of flatwater sprint canoe/kayak. In addition to paddling, athletes participate in age-appropriate weight training and other cross-training activities. While the individual goals of athletes on this team may vary, the common goal they all should share is to improve their balance, technique, and speed on the water for the purposes of racing and eventually advancing to the High Performance group. For some athletes progressing to that level may only take months, while for others, especially younger athletes, it may take years. Progression is determined by criteria that has been pre-established by the Developmental and High Performance coaches and is encouraged to take place by the time the athlete is 16 years-old.


The High Performance 1 Program continues to refine paddling technique, focusing on the continued development of sport specific endurance, strength, and speed. Athletes in this program compete locally, nationally and internationally. Athletes strive to represent the USA internationally at the Junior and Senior World Championships, Pan American Canoe Championships, and the Olympic Games. High Performance 1 Program trains 10 times per week in the fall and winter, and 14 times per week in the spring and summer.          


The High Performance 2 Program continues with more focus on the Highest Level of the sport: This Program includes senior athletes and selected juniors athletes, based on performance and achievement of goals and standards.  Athletes strive to represent the USA internationally at the Senior World Championships, World Cups,  Pan American Canoe Championships, and the Olympic Games. High Performance 2 Program trains 10 times per week in the fall and winter, and 14 times per week in the spring and summer. Athletes in High Performance 2 Program receive more personal coaching and different training program.  

Other factors, such as, attendance, behavior, attitude and age will also be considered by coaches when advancing athletes through the LCKC Program.


The Masters Competitive program begins at age 25 and lasts a lifetime! Focus on developing and improving balance, paddling technique, and specific racing skills. The program encourages a healthy lifestyle through physical activity; aerobic, weights and body weight exercises as well as paddling. The coaches will work with individual master athletes to help them achieve personal goals. Whether your goal is to race on the local, national, or international level or not race at all, the Masters Competitive group accommodates everyone. This group practices 3 times a week.

The Masters Competitive athlete will have every opportunity to try and improve their stability by trying tippier boats and will see their overall balance improve through paddle sport.





Recreational members must be 21 years of age and may only use the LCKC recreation (plastic) boats. This membership allows you access to boathouse during open hours and LCKC activities. Paddles, recreational boats, and life jackets are provided. While Recreational equipment is more durable and the boats more stable, this equipment still requires care and respect. No boat storage is provided but is available for an additional fee.  Individual and family memberships are available but must be 21 or accompanied by parent.   

In addition, Recreation members are welcome to take part in Moonlight Paddles at no additional cost. All Moonlight Paddles will be led by a professional coach, who will provide safety and guidelines.



Classes will include six hours of coached lessons, where participants will learn basic paddling skills, water safety, and gain exposure to many different boats. The lessons will be taught in a relaxed, fun atmosphere that stresses the enjoyment of the lake in a healthy, environmentally friendly way.

Sessions will only run if we have six participants registered into the session. If we do not have six participants registered we reserve the right to combine sessions to make a full group. Each session therefore needs a minimum of six to a maximum of ten registered participants. Registration deadline is 12pm the Friday prior to the beginning of the class.

2014 Class dates:

Class 1:  May 27th, May 29th, June 3rd and June 5th 6:00-7:30pm

Class 2: June 16th and 20th 6:00-7:30pm and June 21st 10am-1pm

Class 3:  July 19th and 26th 10am-1pm

Class 4:  August 9th and 16th 10am-1pm

Additional Classses maybe added. 


Canoe, Kayak and SUP Rentals are available on Saturday and Sunday afternons 1-6pm May through September.  Rentals are available on a first come, first serve basis.   We have single and double kayaks, canoes and SUP's for rent.   The attendant on duty will assit you in choosing a boat, paddle and life jacket.   If you are new to paddling the staff can also give you some basic tips to help you get started and have a safe and enjoyable paddle on the lake. All rentals launch from and return to the Lake Lanier Olympic Venue Docks.

Click Here for 2014 Rental Rates


Canoes, kayaks and dragon boats are available for group rentals at the Lake Lanier Olympic Venue. Call the Lanier Canoe Kayak office at 770-287-7888 or email for rates and schedule.


What better way to enjoy the lake than in the Moonlight? On Friday evening nearest the full moon May - October the Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club will host a Moonlight Paddle that is free to LCKC members and $15. for non-members. A professional instructor will lead all group paddles. This is your chance to get a different look at the Lake Lanier Olympic Venue. Come out and enjoy the camaraderie and tranquil scenery. Reservations are not accepted. All equipment is provided and is available on first come first serve basis. All participants must wear a PFD.   Please arrive by 7:30pm for May-August paddles and 6:30 in September and October.   Children under 18 must be accompanied by parent. 
2014 Dates:

May 16th, June 13th, July 11th, August 8th, Sept. 5th and Oct. 10th



The BBI Jr. Olympic Program is an introduction to the Olympic Discipline of Flatwater Canoe / Kayak racing at the Lanier ’96 Olympic Venue.   The program is offered in the spring and in the fall.  Teams of up to 25 youth, ages 10 to 15 practice twice a week for 6 weeks under the direction coaches in all types of canoes, kayaks and dragon boats. 

Athletes have the opportunity to compete in two weekend events during the program. The first is the Fun Regatta, where teams have a chance to practice boats skills and racing in a variety of boats. No lanes are assigned and no points are scored. It’s just for FUN!  At the end of the six-week program, teams will showcase their skills by competing in a variety of canoes and kayaks at the BBI Junior Olympic Program Fungatta. Individual athletes and crews will be awarded medals for placing in the top 3, and teams will compete for the overall team burgee.

The BBI Jr. Olympic Program is often the first step in an athlete’s journey to achieving their personal best in the sport of sprint canoe-kayak, whether their goal is fun, fitness, or representing the United States on a National Team. Participants will learn the FUNdamentals of the sport, building the foundation for future success as Flatwater canoe-kayak racers at any level.   

The BBI Jr Olympic Program teaches youth a variety of life long skills both on and off the water. In addition to learning basic canoe-kayak skills and safety, participants will develop single mindedness, leadership skills, a life long habit of fitness, an appreciation for nature and our waterways, team-work, a sense of citizenship, goal setting and a strong work ethic. The Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club believes in the ASPIRE model of teaching skills to participants.  



LCKC Summer Day Camp


The LCKC summer camp is a great way to introduce the sport of canoe and kayak to kids aged 7-14. Our knowledgeable staff will teach the skills necessary to paddle both canoes, kayaks and Dragon Boats!

All activities focus on the 3 F’s: FUN, FITNESS and FRIENDSHIP.  Campers will learn to paddle and take part in recreational activities such as swimming, crafts, and “Barge Day.”

The LCKC Summer Day Camp is sure to be a fun and memorable experience!

LCKC Summer Day Camp Schedule for 2014:

June 9-13

June 16-20

June 23-27

July 7-11

July 14-18

Typical Day Schedule (9:00-3:00pm):

9:00 Group game
9:30 Canoe to the sea
11:30 Free swim
12:00 Lunch in the shade
12:30 Group Activity
1:00 Kayak Instruction: balance, drills, and skills

Click here for 2014 Brochure

Online Registration will be available soon!   








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