Dragon Boat Team Building


Dragon Boat Team Building

Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club is the perfect place to host a paddling camp!  With our location, our water, our facilities and our coaches; not much else compares.  See what members of the DC Dragon Boat Club has to say regarding their camp here 29 – 31 March:

“I feel that I learned quite a lot from this camp. I know that myself and some of my teammates would definitely be interested in training with you again!”

“Great venue and Coaching staff was inspirational and informational. Staff was very knowledgeable. I especially appreciated the combined experience with paddling at all levels.”

“Staff was in tune to the importance of explaining and demonstrating concepts in several ways to accommodate different learning styles.”

“…regards to explaining a concept in several different ways. Jim is quite astute in terms of noticing and providing constructive feedback to paddlers on even some of the smaller details of the stroke that will likely translate to big improvements in power and efficiency.”

“Jim and Charlie coach as a team was extremely valuable in getting both supportive commentary and in pushing paddlers to improve, as well as getting different explanations.” “Really appreciated the attention to structuring the sequence of the camp, i.e. video review set up, discussion, then time back on the water to practice what we learned. Also, THANK YOU steerers, they did a wonderful job, and we appreciated the extra coaching during some of the pieces :)”

Let us plan a good camp for your team! We have Corporate Team Building opportunities that will push and energize your team to new heights as well as hosting dragon boat teams from across the spectrum of abilities to help you achieve your goals!

Need more information? Please contact coach Jim at jim.odell@lckc.org

LCKC Summer Day Camp

Recruit a team of 10 racers! Entry fee $400.

Summer Day Camp

LCKC’s summer day camp is all about having fun on Lake Lanier while introducing kids aged 7-12 to the sports of canoe, kayak and dragon boat.

To learn more about Summer Day Camp click LEARN MORE. If you’re ready to register click REGISTER.

Important Upcoming Events This September

A Letter From Coach Jim...

As most of you are aware, September is the Month of the Dragon here at the Club.  Our largest annual fundraising event, the 23rd Annual Hong Kong Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival is 8th Sept with the months of preparation almost completed...and we need everyone to help out, all hands on deck!

Directly following this is the largest paddling event to hit the venue since 2003 Sprint Worlds.  Beginning with the first day of practice 9th Sept, the ICF Dragon Boat World Championships are right here on our home course!

The park, boat ramp and such are all closed for this week as with any world championships security is tight.

Lanier Team USA paddlers include: Aaron Dickson, Alec Wilson, Allen Marsh, Andrew Surles, AnneBlanchard, Caitlin Marsh, Caleb Copper, Cannie Colburn (Ash), Charlie Tilse, Corban Martin, Daniel Liu, Dave Bittenbender, Drew Deppe, Enoy  Chanlyvong,  Ethan Deppe, Ethan Jackson, Ethan Palmer, Jackson Hickerson, Jim O'Dell, Josh Burchardt, Laurie Moore, Lucas Pitts, Maggie Bowmar, Nate Boyd, Olivia Clark, Paige Farley, Sean Allen, Tina Young, Vladimir Samoylenko.

You will find them all in competition beginning 13th Sept through the 16th Sept!

Our Olympic Hopes paddlers will be traveling to one of my favorite cities, Poznan, Poland for that important race.  These Canoe paddlers are Edward Surles, Kevin Rochester and Natalie Brunson.  They will also be racing the very same weekend.

Also on the same weekend - ICF really knows how to plan - are the Pan American qualifiers in Nova Scotia.  Our athletes there include Aaron Mullican, Nik Miller, Owen Farley-Klacik and Stanton Collins.

So many opportunities all in one month!  Proof that the training here at LCKC is truly world-class.

Feeling that paddling itch that needs to be scratched?  Join the fun and hard work here at LCKC.

Paddles UP!!!

- Coach Jim

Jim O’Dell announced as new High Performance 1 Coach



LANIER CANOE KAYAK CLUB announces the appointment of Jim O’Dell as the High Performance I coach for the LCKC Sprint team effective February 1st. Jim has been a member of LCKC as a Masters Paddler since 2002. Jim served as LCKC Interim Coach for several months in 2006 and is an accomplished paddler. Jim has competed in many USA Canoe/Kayak Masters National Championships over the years, earning several gold medals. Jim has served as the Regional Coach for Dragon Boat USA and competed in the Dragon Boat World Championships in 2010 and 2014. He has also worked as a Running and Wellness Coach. Jim will join the LCKC Coaching Staff of Claudiu Ciur and Kalen Scholz as they continue to train athletes to fulfill their dreams and accomplish their goals. LCKC President Terry Baker comments “We welcome Jim to our staff and believe he will be a great asset to our team and a mentor to our young athletes”.

LCKC Launching Para-Canoe Program this Spring



The Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club (LCKC) is excited to announce the beginning of a new para-canoe program this spring. The “Paddle-ability” program is intended to introduce and offer paddle sport opportunities to the disabled veterans of our community. It will focus on the individual’s ability in canoeing and kayaking rather than disability.

“We’re excited to be able to offer this program to the veterans of our community,” said LCKC President Terry Baker. “The Paddle-ability program goes hand-in-hand with our mission to promote health, education and fitness for all ages and abilities through quality flatwater canoe and kayak programs.”

The program will meet on Saturdays throughout the year and will cater to a wide range of interests. It goes without saying that the characteristics and attributes of water in itself are therapeutic. Looking for fitness? Paddle sports make an excellent choice. For those with a competitive drive, this program could be the stepping stone to LCKC’s competitive sprint teams. Para-canoe is making its debut in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

“Part of our vision at the Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club is to give back to our community by providing programs for all individuals regardless of gender, national origin, religion or ability levels,” said Para-canoe Committee chair and former President David Haack, “I believe that this program will fill a needed void for our community. I look forward to working with and growing Paddle-ability to its fullest potential.”

LCKC will host an Open House on Saturday, March 21st, 2015 from 9am-3pm. Please join them to learn more about this exciting new program, try out a boat or tour the Venue. Hot dogs, chips and drinks will be available at noon.

The Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club makes it home at the Lake Lanier Olympic Venue and Clark’s Bridge Park located at 3105 Clark’s Bridge Road, Gainesville, Georgia 30506. The Lake Lanier Olympic Venue was host to the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games for the canoe, kayak and rowing events.

For more information on the Paddle-ability Program, Open House or any of LCKC’s programs, please visit http://www.lckc.org or email David Haack at david.haack@lckc.org.