COVID-19 Update

All programs at the boathouse remain in hiatus due to COVID-19, including rentals, learn-to sessions, SUP-Fit, masters, sprint and dragon boat.

We are meeting remotely with the city regularly as well as discussions on club and boathouse status. Coaches have been working hard to keep all our athletes engaged.

Working also with our friends at LLRC on how both clubs will be able to safely use and access upstairs once this is re-opened.
Along those lines, as we all have heard, read and/or experienced; social distancing may be our lifestyle for a time to come. This is exactly why we are not rushing into any drastic moves to re-open.

We are looking at all the options we may be dealing with when we return to operations; PPE, disinfection, etc.

Be on the lookout for more to follow in the coming weeks.