• February 1, 2019: Spring Session Begins
  • March 16, 2019: Lula Bridge Race
  • March 25, 2019: Beginner Racing League (BRL) Open House
  • calendar
    March 28, 2019: Chamber Chase 5K
  • calendar
    April 4-7, 2019: Dragon Boat Camp
  • calendar
    April 7, 2019: Beginner Racing League (BRL) Practice Begins
  • calendar
    April 27, 2019: Beginner Racing League (BRL) Practice Race
  • calendar
    May 4, 2019: Gainesville Hall Dragon Boat Challenge
  • calendar
    May 18, 2019: Beginner Racing League (BRL) Spring Fungatta
  • calendar
    June 1, 2019: Summer Session Begins
  • calendar
    June 15, 2019: Southern Invitational Regatta
  • calendar
    June 17 - July 15, 2019: Summer Day Camp
  • calendar
    August 7 - 10, 2019: ACA Sprint National Championships @ LCKC
  • calendar
    August 12, 2019: Beginner Racing League Open House
  • calendar
    August 18, 2019: Beginner Racing League Practice Begin
  • calendar
    September 14, 2019: Beginner Racing League Practice Race
  • calendar
    September 28, 2019: Beginner Racing League Fall Fungatta
  • calendar
    October 26, 2019: Halloween Howl
COVID-19 Update
All programs at the boathouse remain in hiatus due to COVID-19, including rentals, learn-to sessions, SUP-Fit, masters, sprint and dragon[...]
Dragons at the Park
Dragons at the Park October 12th! Free parking, sun at your back, 250m racing with community racing and high-level teams racing for cash! Online[...]
LCKC Dragon Boat Team
LCKC offers a Dragon Boat club membership for those who are interested in a longer-term training program. LCKC is a[...]
Recreational and Team Building
LCKC hosts racing events each year where teams of paddlers from businesses and organizations battle it out for top honors. [...]
Corporate Team Building. Exercise. Intense. Fun.
The 2,000 year old sport of Dragon Boat paddling is both an entry level activity and high-performance racing. That means[...]
Adopt a Dragon
        ADOPT A DRAGON When your company adopts a dragon boat, your employees will reap the benefits[...]
Paddle Mania
Paddle Mania We are proud to work with the Lake Lanier Olympic Park and the Olympic Day team for the[...]
Dragon Boat Team Building
Dragon Boat Team Building Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club is the perfect place to host a paddling camp!  With our location,[...]
LCKC Summer Day Camp
Recruit a team of 10 racers! Entry fee $400.Summer Day CampLCKC's summer day camp is all about having fun on[...]