Dragon Boat Team Building


Dragon Boat Team Building

Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club is the perfect place to host a paddling camp!  With our location, our water, our facilities and our coaches; not much else compares.  See what members of the DC Dragon Boat Club has to say regarding their camp here 29 – 31 March:

“I feel that I learned quite a lot from this camp. I know that myself and some of my teammates would definitely be interested in training with you again!”

“Great venue and Coaching staff was inspirational and informational. Staff was very knowledgeable. I especially appreciated the combined experience with paddling at all levels.”

“Staff was in tune to the importance of explaining and demonstrating concepts in several ways to accommodate different learning styles.”

“…regards to explaining a concept in several different ways. Jim is quite astute in terms of noticing and providing constructive feedback to paddlers on even some of the smaller details of the stroke that will likely translate to big improvements in power and efficiency.”

“Jim and Charlie coach as a team was extremely valuable in getting both supportive commentary and in pushing paddlers to improve, as well as getting different explanations.” “Really appreciated the attention to structuring the sequence of the camp, i.e. video review set up, discussion, then time back on the water to practice what we learned. Also, THANK YOU steerers, they did a wonderful job, and we appreciated the extra coaching during some of the pieces :)”

Let us plan a good camp for your team! We have Corporate Team Building opportunities that will push and energize your team to new heights as well as hosting dragon boat teams from across the spectrum of abilities to help you achieve your goals!

Need more information? Please contact coach Jim at jim.odell@lckc.org